I SURVIVED BEE SCHOOL! Now what do I do?

Do you know how to build your own bee hive?  Curious about observation hives?  This post bee school hands-on workshop/Meeting is for you! Aprils meeting will let you visit different workstations to extend what you learned at bee school, or simply pick up a few new skills as a beekeeper.  Bring your equipment to the meeting and lets build it together! got questions on how to do a real hive inspection? Come take a hive apart and do a guided inspection! What’s up with frames? how does that work? Visit the frame workstation and get answers to your questions. Bring your fames and lets build them together! Feeding? Feeders? how do they REALLY fit on a hive and work? how do you feed in a Top BarRead More

Let’s get in the Mood for Spring BEEKEEPING!

Come to tonight’s BCBC meeting and let’s get in the mood for spring beekeeping! We’re going to pack a one-two punch using the talents of Sarah Eshan as tonight’s emcee. Brother Allen from Haywood county Beekeepers is our new regional NCSBA representative. he will give us a short update on NCSBA activities. Next is a  slideshow of some of our members’ bee yards with a bit of discussion of the pros and cons of  each in terms of location, light, wildlife, etc. Then Sarah will discuss the needful things of new beekeepers in terms of equipment.  Should be a great program with lots of information! Members will again have the opportunity to renew their membership to BCBC.  Membership applications/renewal forms are available here. —————————————————————————————————————————- Reminder, if youRead More