Get your Smoke On!

Newbees and intermediates both sometimes have trouble lighting a smoker, and then keeping it lit! It definitely takes some talent and finesse to be a good smoker.  Do you know who’s a really good professional Smoker?  Our friend and Master Beekeeper Edd Buchanan from Black Mountain! He’s going to provide tips and opportunities to light YOUR smoker and there’s word that there will be a contest involved!  Bring your smoker in for a tune-up and a refresher course – and stay after while Edd reviews the Spring honey flow. There will also be  a raffle/drawing for a hive, complete with Bees, at the meeting. This is a continuation of the hive raffle that was started at the CHBR bee school this past weekend. Members will againRead More

Beekeeper Testing April 16, 1-5 pm

Hi BCBC Members- Have you been studying or keeping honeybees for a year? Are you a member of our parent organization NC SBA (we can sign you up, if not)? Have you been to a Bee School? Then, YOU ARE READY! The 30 minute written Initially Certified test (multiple choice) will be given on Thursday between 1 – 5 pm on Thursday, April 16, 2015. Meet upstairs above Ag Extension (follow signs) at 94 Coxe Ave. Either park in the lot across the street or park at that second floor entrance accessed by Hilliard Ave. The Master Beekeeping Program is our state’s NC SBA stair-step program to help you gain sufficient knowledge about the honeybee to be a good beekeeper. We want you to be aRead More