FW: Brrrrr! its cold out! what do we do now in our bee yards!

Join us  Monday, Feb 1st, 6:30pm Meeting starts at 7pm. Western NC Apiary inspector, Lewis Cauble; Varroa Destructor  We hope everyone is ‘weathering the storm’ well. Its been a tough winter in many ways.    Everyone should be doing a ‘heft’ test on their hives to ensure they have plenty of stores. If your hives are light, consider feeding with a candy board, sugar or other supplement for your hives. Remember, bees will not break cluster to go into a hive top feeder.   The best approach is a candy board, baggie or jar feeder on top of the cluster. We will have a few examples of the various techniques setup at the next meeting. Our next meeting is Monday, Feb 1st. Gathering/mentoring time is 6:30 toRead More

Happy New Year! We hope it will ‘BEE’ abuzzzzz with activity!

Happy New year to everyone!  We sincerely hope that everyone’s bee yards are in good shape, that your ladies are happy, healthy and buzzing with activity in this most unusual winter. 2016 is shaping up to be and outstanding year for beekeepers, beekeeping in general! We are doing our best to bring more educational opportunities to our members, that include more workshops, more hands on activities, more of just about everything ‘bee’ and pollinator related! Our next two meetings are: Jan 4        It may seem too early to be thinking about equipment for Spring, but it really isn’t.  Do you have what you need?  Does anything need to be updated?  Cleaned?  Thrown away?  Are you going to purchase another nuc or package?  Do youRead More