come one .. come all! its definitely time for Fall and a little Urban Beekeeping as well!

We hope everyone is ‘weathering’ the beginning of fall this year!

We have great diversity in our Buncombe County Beekeepers Chapter in people, hive styles, attitudes, technique, and so forth. We also have a wide variety of beekeepers and where they actually do the keeping.

We all know of bee “farmers” out there whose hives are many and in various locations, but we also know about those in city limits who work their beekeeping magic in small apiaries in their back yards.

And that’s who we’re going to feature at our October bee meeting, October 5th. We have Charles Meyers and his lovely wife coming to discuss the challenges and rewards of Urban Beekeeping.

It’s also that time of year to begin membership renewals for the coming year. We will have renewal forms available, and they are available online as well.

We will have a few positions on the board opening up this year. Elections will be held in November. if you are interested in serving on a committee or board, please let us know.

If anyone has questions, needs some guidance, etc. you can post your questions to the member ship via email, or you can post your question on the BCBC /WNC beekeepers page on Facebook as well.

See you all Monday!
BCBC meets the first Monday of each month. Meetings are at:

Groce United Methodist Church,
954 Tunnel Rd, Asheville, NC 28805

Mentoring /Advice time – 6:30 – 7:00pm
Meeting time is 7:00pm