Africanized Honeybees

AHBs — Correcting Some Misconceptions (NCSU)
AHBs — Prevention and Control (NCSU 1.02)
AHBs — Some questions and answers (NCSU 1.03)

Bee Plants, Botany and Gardening

Honey Plants of North Carolina (NCSU 1.04)
A Herb Garden for the Bees (NCSU 1.05)
Recommended Pollinator-Friendly Plant List for Greater Asheville NC, with Nurseries
Typical Flowering Seasons for Western North Carolina Honey and Pollen Sources Edd Buchanan, John Mundy, Chris Mathis

Beekeeping Facts and History

Bees and Beekeeping in North Carolina (NCSU 3.01)
The Importance of Honey Bees in North Carolina (NCSU 3.02)
The Value of Honey Bees as Pollinators in NC (NCSU 3.14)

Behavior, Ecology and Evolution

Non-Honey Bee Stinging Insects in North Carolina (NCSU 1.13)
The Different Types of Honey Bees (NCSU 1.12)
The Honey Bee Dance Language (NCSU 1.11)

Bear/Predator fencing

Bear Fence, Electric (NC Wildlife)
Bear Fence, Electric (VA Game and Fish)
Bear Fence, Electric (Nanney)

Building your own equipment

Beehive, Plans for Constructing (NCSU 2.06)
Beehive, Diagram of a Single Frame Observation Hive (NCSU 2.08)
Foundation Mounting Jig (NCSU 2.09)
Setting up an observation hive (NCSU 2.15)
Honey bucket Heater
British Columbia Hive Construction Plans

Les Crowder’s Top Bar Hive Plans
Standard TopBar Hive Plans
Standard TBH Notes – Oct 2012

Diseases, pests and Treatments

Diseases of the Honey Bee (NCSU 2.01)
Tracheal Mite Disease (NCSU 2.02)
Varroa Mites (NCSU 2.03)
The Small Hive Beetle (NCSU 2.05)
Honey Bee Medication Fact Sheet (NCSU 2.04)

Hive Manipulation and management

Requeening (NCSU 2.10)
Reducing the Risk of Pesticide Poisoning to Honey Bees (NCSU 2.12)
How to install a package of honey bees (NCSU 2.17)
Hive Management 101 (Lightsey)
The Development of Honey Bee Instrumental Insemination (NCSU 2.14)

Honey – preparing for Competition and Sale

Preparing Liquid Honey for Competition and Sale (NCSU 3.06)
Judging Liquid (Extracted) Honey (NCSU 3.05)
Preparing Honey Entries For The State Fair (NCSU 3.12)

Medical and Safety Information

Reducing the Likelihood of Stings During Outdoor Activities (NCSU 1.08)
Bee Stings – Immunology, Allergy, and Treatment (Marterre)
Allergy to Insect Stings (NCSU 1.09)

NC Master Beekeeping Program

How to become a beekeeper in North Carolina (NCSU 3.10)
North Carolina Master Beekeeper Program
The NC Master Beekeeper Program (NCSU 3.11)
Master Beekeeper Program Study Guide Certified Level (NCSU
NC Master Beekeeper Program Summary
NC Master Beekeeper Program Service Credits