February Meeting notes!

a HUGE thank you to Dave Cowart and Jon Christie for a very educational, enjoyable session on what to look for in our Bee Yards this time of year.

They brought in demo hives, complete with a ‘Dead out’ to show what to look for, and how to learn from our deadouts. This time of year can be very troubling to manage our hives. its very easy for the Queen to start laying lots of  brood on days like we have had recently. Lots of brood results in lots of bees early in the year, which raises the possibility of starvation early or swarming earlier than usual.

Everyone should be diligent on watching their hive activity and ensuring there are plenty of resources available if your hives are booming already. Let the balancing act of the approaching spring begin!

Bee School information, presented by the Center For Honey Bee Research, has been added to the website. There is an additional page ‘2015 Bee School’ that contains info and links to register online.

the Franklin County Beekeepers Association is attempting to get an NC Specialty License plate created for beekeepers. The deadline is fast approaching if you want to participate in this initiative. Checks and registration information should be sent directly to the Franklin County Beekeepers. More information on the license plate can be found here.