Hands-On Meeting

March 7 @ 6:30 Groce United Methodist Church BCBC meeting

This is a “Hands On” meeting in stations so participants will be able to examine any of the display materials and ask questions about their uses to experienced beekeepers. The Center for Honey Bee Research’s Bee School will be finished on Sunday and we are expecting a crowd with lots of questions they need to know more about. If you have the experience, please come and answer how-to-get-started equipment questions.

There will be displays of all the hive components from the bottom board (screened vs solid) to the tops, (migratory, telescoping and English garden hive tops), tools, smokers and different fuels; queen excluders and bee escapes.

We will have some fencing materials on hand, plus a couple of dead outs.

We also will have unassembled hive bodies and frames to build and wire. Or, bring your frames and nails and we’ll build together!

Finally there will be several local vendors with items for sale.