November meeting Recap

On Monday Nov. 6th, the last meeting of 2017 we had our annual end-of-year pot luck with 55 in attendance. So many dishes (and especially desserts) were made with more than a splash of honey. Thank-you!

And thanks to those who remembered to bring their plates and cups to save from the landfill. Beekeepers are mindful.

Dues for 2018: 19 members renewed and 6 new members joined. It’s easy to do online on the website, too.

Elections: We were sad to see Vice President, Jennifer Blalock and Director Russ Jefferies “retire” from the Board as they reached their term limits of 2 years times 2. We are sure that there is a place for them on committees.

Moving on Up: Mark Traub to Vice President and willing to be the head of programs. (He has been helping Jennifer all of 2017 so he knows it well)

Staying for another term: Cathy Peerless was elected to another term as Secretary. She actually filled in a position for her first term. Great job!

New Board Directors: Chris Reece-Young and Barbara Bailey will help lead us into 2018 with a Beginner Bee School in February and the NCSBA meeting in July in our backyard of Hendersonville. Congratulations!

Greg Rogers gave us a short recap of Randy Oliver’s study with Oxalic Acid. You can learn more at here

Black Jar Honey Contest: Ten entries aspired to be the club’s representation. Congratulations to Hillary Siedler from Candler had an interesting sumac/sourwood blend that was delicious.

BCBC will pay her entry fee for the 3 jars of honey needed to enter. She also won an over wintered nuc from The Center for Honeybee Research.

You can still enter enter another category (10) by Nov. 15, 2017 for the 7th Annual International Black Jar Honey Tasting Contest. This year the Grand Prize has risen to $2500.

If you have delicious honey from your bees (doesn’t even have to be this year’s harvest) definitely consider entering. A couple of our Grand Prize winners had entered many years before making the Finals – so you never know.  register here

New Board Meets: Tuesday November 14 at 6 p6:30 pm at HomeGuage on 122 Lyman St.

Next Meeting for Membership: January 8 at 7 PM