Urgent Notice – Watch your bees carefully right now!


 We received a notice from Greg Rogers this morning. Greg is a long time, well respected commercial beekeeper in our area. He wanted to pass this notice along to everyone.

 Right now the bees are so strong, that they are burning through their stores at an incredible rate. The problem is that the recent freezes have reduced and in some cases, eliminated the natural resources (nectar especially) that the bees rely on to  build strength and brood.

 He and other beekeepers are seeing reduced stores in the hives, which are causing them to crash due to lack of food resources.

 I’m seeing signs of this in my own apiary, where  1 ½ weeks ago they both had a full super of honey surplus, and now it’s virtually gone.

 Everyone should be closely monitoring their bees and be ready or start feeding vigorously to supplement and/or replace the natural source until the natural sources come back.

 If we hear anything else we will let everyone know.. please monitor your resources and make sure your colonies have plenty to sustain them in this unexpected spring dearth.


Scott A Davis

President – Buncombe County Beekeepers Club (BCBC)

A chapter of the

North Carolina State BeeKeepers Association

Meeting the first Monday of each month at

Groce United Methodist Church

Tunnel Road

Asheville, nc


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