Workshop Updates – Build a Beeyard and “installing nucs or packages” for 3/19 rescheduled –


We had an excellent workshop on building a bee yard /installing a bear fence this past weekend. Using our new partnership with the Lords Acre in Fairview, we have established the yard. The workshop attendees were involved in orienting the yard (north , south, east, west), components of fencing, driving fence posts, hanging insulators, stringing wire, installing grounding rods and electrical hookups. Everyone walked away with a better understanding of exactly what they should consider when placing their yard and putting it together.

With the pending weather change this coming weekend, and the expectation of having early nucs not materializing, we will be combining this workshop with the workshop in April. That one appears to be on track based on deliveries for bees from our sources. Please stay tuned for that workshop!

Also, if there is interest in having another ‘build a bee yard/erect a bear fence’ workshop, and we have a new beekeeper that would be willing to host that workshop, we will be glad to arrange a workshop at their house/yard location and help them construct their yard, with the help of other members as well!

If anyone is interested in another ‘build a bee yard/bear fence’ workshop, let us know or contact me directly. I’ll be glad to coordinate it with everyone.

Thank you all for your support and interest in helping bees and pollinators, and us all as well!

Scott Davis
Buncombe County Beekeepers Chapter (BCBC) of
the North Carolina State Beekeepers Association (NCSBA)
Fairview, NC
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