Buncombe County Bee Club January 8th 2018 meeting…Please read all the way to the end

New Location for this meeting only!!!!   Hello BCBC members, I hope that your girls are doing well and you are all staying warm on these crazy cold days and night. We are getting ready to kick off our first meeting of 2018 and I am hoping that it will be a very informative year for us all. On January 8th we will have one of the owners of Wehrloom Honey from Robbinsville NC in Graham County come up and talk to us. Aron will tell us about their operation, how they started and grew, what sort of pest management they use and why and where they are going next. I  think it will be informative and fun and inspire us to be better beekeepers.AlsoRead More

November 6th 2017 Year End Meeting and Pot Luck as well as Honey Contest at 6:30 pm

Hello Members, I hope that you and your girls are enjoying this warm weather and all are doing fine. As you know Monday Nov. 6th will be the last meeting of 2017 and we will be having our year end pot luck. So cook up a favorite dish to share maybe with honey in it. We will also be nominating and electing board members and directors whose terms are expiring. Also the board will be giving the club a year end financial report as to where we stand. Greg Rogers will be giving us a short recap of Randy Oliver’s study with Oxalic Acid. There is still time to let me know if you want to enter the Honey Contest and possible move on toRead More

Honey Contest 2017 At Year end Pot Luck and Meeting Monday Nov 6th

BCBC Honey Contest Monday Night! The BCBC has over 120 members in the Club and we’d like a good representation for whose is the BEST TASTING HONEY. What part of the county produces the most delicious? Our panel of judges will determine Monday night (Nov. 6th) during the meeting – you can watch and you can taste the entries afterwards.It’s all in fun because it’s all good! Those who can bring 3 oz. of their bees’ precious honey need to let me know prior to Monday so we can assign an entry number and have containers  in which to transfer your “blind” entries.Remember,  WINNER will be awarded a Nucleus colony with 5 drawn frames, bees and brood and an over-wintered queen. This will be availableRead More

October 2, 2017 Meeting Lynn Williams Beekeeper and Inventor of Mighty Mite Killer

October 2, 2017 BCBC Meeting: Lynn Williams, Beekeeper and Inventor of Mighty Mite Killer Hello Buncombe County beekeepers. As summer is winding down and fall should be approaching (hard to tell with the warm weather) hope you and your girls are doing well. For October we will be hosting a South Carolina beekeeper and Inventor of The Mighty Mite Killer Lynn Williams.  His company Bee Hive Thermal Industries along with Oven Industries a 50 year leader in temperature controls ISO and aerospace certified have come up with a organic ,chemical free mite treatment. I think this will be a very informative and interesting topic and discussion. I have purchased and used it for the first time this year as well as a few of ourRead More

BCBC August Meeting *August 7 * Peter Brezny, BCBC Journeyman Beekeeper, Field trip to France Joseph Salvatore, Natural Beekeeper Carl Chesick, BCBC Member, Center for Honey Bee Research Director PLUS ICE CREAM (made with honey, of course)

Hello Fellow Beekeepers, Hope that all is going well with you and your girls. For our August meeting we will be having some fun and informative topics of conversation. We have some of our very own club members discuss some interesting topics. We have Peter Brezny telling us about bee keepers in France who he spent time with earlier this year, Joseph Salvatore will talk about treatment free beekeeping and Carl Chesick will discuss the protocols for research that will help us all.   Seed packets designed by our club to donate money for the new NCSU Bee Lab. You can purchase all three for $10.00 which includes (Bee Feed, Zinnia’s and Borage.)   NCSBA cook books for sale (honey recipes) that were brought backRead More

July Meeting

Hello All, Just a short reminder that there is NO JULY MEETING….See you all in August which should be a great meeting. Also The NCSBA is having their summer meeting celebrating 100 years. This will be held July 13th, 14th and 15th at the Embassy Suites Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Check out the website for a full list of events going on. Have a great month. I hope your girls are doing well and working hard. Mark

June Meeting Master E.A.S. Beekeeper Freddy Proni will be Coming to Talk to Us

  Hello, Buncombe County Beekeepers, I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying this warm weather. I also hope that your girls are out doing their Bee thing in full force. For our June meeting we have Master E.A.S. Beekeeper Freddy Proni from Catawba County coming to speak. He will be letting us know about the E.A.S., or Eastern Apiculture Society,  a little about his own bee operation, and tips and tricks that we can all use. It is sure to be a fun and informative evening. Our mini workshop that evening will bee on honey supers, how to address robbing, and a bee yard review. We will also have our fundraiser seed packets printed and ready for sale so if you are interestedRead More

May Meeting Dr James Wilkes from Bee Informed Project and Hive Tracks will be Presenting

Hello, Buncombe County Bee Club members, I hope that your girls are healthy, doing well and your hives are expanding. We will be having an interesting presenter for our May meeting. Dr. James Wilkes, who is, among other things, a professor of computer science at Appalachian State in Boone, is also the co-founder of the software company behind Hive Tracks. James is also a beekeeper with about 100 hives.  Dr. Wilkes is also the Information Technology Lead for the Bee Informed Partnership. Topics of discussion will be Hive Tracks and the Bee Informed project.  I have attached links for both so you have time to check them out: https://hivetracks.com/ https://beeinformed.org/ I found them both really interesting and I think in the long run they willRead More

April Meeting Is Coming! We Will Have Megan Baker from The NC Extension Center guest speaker!

Hello Buncombe County Bee Keepers, Hope all is well in your bee yards and if you are getting nucs you are getting ready. Packages have started to arrive and it is very exciting to see bee yards coming to life after winter. It was an great day at Wild Mountain Bees as I picked my packages and will be installing them tomorrow Hope that you are looking forward to Aprils meeting.We will have Megan Baker from the Buncombe County NC Extension Center come and talk to us. Her topics will be an introduction to the Cooperative Extension Service and the programs and opportunities of interest to the beekeeping community. Also beneficial plants for pollinators, including honeybees and native bees. Bring your questions and hope toRead More

February is almost over and March is fast approaching. We will be talking splits

  Good evening, Buncombe County Beekeepers, Hope that you’re getting out in this weirdly warm February we are having, and your girls are getting along fine. We are going to have a great and informative meeting on March 6th.  Fourth generation, 13-year, and NCSBA Master beekeeper Bryan Fisher, from Cabarrus County, is coming to speak to us on queen castles (what are those?) and making splits. Also, don’t forget our monthly mini workshop from 6:30 to 7:00.  It’s going to center on integrated pest management techniques, or IPM. If you’re going to bee attending the CHBR bee school on March 4th and 5th, we hope that you will learn a lot and not be too overwhelmed to come to the meeting! Hope to see you all March 6th. Groce United MethodistRead More