BCBC August Meeting *August 7 * Peter Brezny, BCBC Journeyman Beekeeper, Field trip to France Joseph Salvatore, Natural Beekeeper Carl Chesick, BCBC Member, Center for Honey Bee Research Director PLUS ICE CREAM (made with honey, of course)

Hello Fellow Beekeepers, Hope that all is going well with you and your girls. For our August meeting we will be having some fun and informative topics of conversation. We have some of our very own club members discuss some interesting topics. We have Peter Brezny telling us about bee keepers in France who he spent time with earlier this year, Joseph Salvatore will talk about treatment free beekeeping and Carl Chesick will discuss the protocols for research that will help us all.   Seed packets designed by our club to donate money for the new NCSU Bee Lab. You can purchase all three for $10.00 which includes (Bee Feed, Zinnia’s and Borage.)   NCSBA cook books for sale (honey recipes) that were brought backRead More

FW: Polk County Beekeepers Association Meeting – Dearth info

A timely and interesting conversation that we should all be aware of in the coming weeks. A huge thank you to Polk County for sharing this information with us!  Scott Scott A Davis NC Certified Beekeeper President – Buncombe County Beekeepers Club (BCBC) 828.712.6074  Catch the Buzz at www.wncbees.org   From: Polk County Beekeepers [mailto:d.smith.7363=gmail.com@mail30.us4.mcsv.net] On Behalf Of Polk County Beekeepers Sent: Thursday, July 6, 2017 9:53 AM To: sdavis9517@gmail.com Subject: Polk County Beekeepers Association Meeting – Dearth info Polk County Beekeepers Association View this email in your browser DEARTH There, I’ve said it.  It is the one word we really don’t want to hear.  But what is it really?  For me, my grandparents used the word as part of their vocabulary, but today, outside ofRead More