Meeting Reminder – Holy Smokers what’s happening in my bee yard!?)^$%^*(O?????

Tonight’s main topic will be presented by Dave Cowart and Jon Christie. It will be a fun and informative meeting! As of 10am we do plan on having our meeting tonight at the regular time. The weather , while iffy, is showing signs of clearing up already. Please check the website later today in case the weather turns for the worse. We will also send email announcements to the membership as needed throughout the day. Also, a reminder to everyone that joined the state NCSBA. You will be able to pick up your membership cards tonight at the meeting, if you joined NCSBA through the club. They will be available at the check-in table this evening. You can click on the link at the bottomRead More

Holy Smokers – What’s happening in my bee yard?!

Have you ever taken a look at your bee yard and saw something going on that you just couldn’t identify?  Why are they walking around on the ground, looking confused? Why are there bees flying and poking around the lid of my hive? Are the “thousands” of bees flying around my hive just happy-go-lucky and glad to be outside, or are they being robbed? If you’ve had these experiences, or any others of note, you’ll be glad you came to our February 2nd monthly bee meeting at Groce Methodist Church.  We’ll have help with these conundrums, hear those of other beekeepers, and provide you with some answers! Do you have a “trick” you tried in your bee yard that you were sure would fix “that”Read More